On-Demand Telehealth Webinar

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Webinar Agenda:

COVID has forced the adoption of telehealth across the board but it is here to stay. While video conferencing has worked for some healthcare organizations as a temporary solution it has created real pain in typical patient workflows and handoffs. Most healthcare organizations are struggling with the "typical" telehealth workflows and the operational changes surrounding them.

In order to create efficiencies for clinicians, providers, and patients this webinar goes beyond 1:1 video calls to show you best practices in video telehealth workflows from check-in all the way through check-out, for a 100% virtual care workflow process.

  • How to create efficiencies for clinicians, providers, and patients that go beyond 1:1 video calls. Learn how to replicate in-person workflows, virtually. 
  • Comparison of (1) physical brick and mortar workflow, (2) today's typical telehealth workflow and (3) best practice virtual flow.
  • Discover how to mirror in-person tasks such as reviewing labs, sending co-pay links, and nurse intake to provider handoff. 
  • Increase operational efficiencies by 20%  in pre and post appointment office tasks. Learn more about video telehealth tools like secured messaging and screen share. Review labs, provide education or coaching.
  • As COVID continues and seniors age at home, care teams have become just as critical for communications as the patient. How can do add caregivers, case managers, home health, and other clinicians to your telehealth call to manage care team communication and redundancy?